Guide to How to Play Online Poker

Guide to How to Play Poker Online Poker Games Poker is one of the games that can be found in online gambling. This game is also a game developed from Zynga Texas Hold’em Poker. Although the name has similarities, but the game method from Poker is very similar to how to play poker in general. Even so the two games also have some differences in playing. Look at the bottom below so that you are more familiar with the Poker Online game.

Poker Dealer Game System

Game Poker is a game that is usually played by at least 2 people and reaches a maximum of 8 people. If in an ordinary poker game 1 table can play up to 9 people and there is 1 city. So in a Poker game, one of the 8 players will become a Dealer.

The main goals in the poker game are:

If in the game you become a dealer, then you only have one goal, which is to have a poker card irritant higher than other players.
If you play as a Player, then the main goal is to get a higher combination of cards from the card owned by the Dealer.
But in this game if you want to become a Dealer then you have to be able to fulfill the requirements stated in the poker game. So each player can become a Dealer if the conditions are appropriate. Dealer Poker games only use a portion of playing cards, namely 7,8,9,10, Jack, Queen, King, and US.

Stage of Poker City Game

In the Dealer Poker game, how to play is very easy to understand. If you are a beginner you do not need to worry because you can very easily understand how to play this poker dealer.

Election of Dealer

Guide to How to Play Dealer Poker Online-Before the game starts, the system will automatically select e-players who qualify to become a Dealer. The player must provide a certain amount of money that has been determined to become a Dealer. But if there is no player who meets the requirements, the game will not start and will wait until a player meets the requirements.

Betting Installation

After the selection of the Dealer is completed, it will continue to place bets. Each table has different bets to bet on and each player will also be given 7 minutes to bet. If the time is up and the tone of a player who has not placed a bet, then the player will pass the round. For players who place bets, they will get 2 cards at the start of the game.

Face Cards

Guide to How to Play Dealer Poker Online After that, each player and dealer will clash cards with the highest combination or number of their opponents. When each player will get 20 seconds to open the card or all cards will be opened automatically after 20 seconds.

Jackpot Game Poker Game

To add excitement then you can buy a jackpot before playing. Each player must have an opportunity to get the Jackpot. So it’s best to use the opportunity as best you can. If you get the Jackpot then your winnings will be multiplied according to the jackpot that is obtained as shown below.

That’s how to play Dealer Poker, of course you already understand not how to play from this one game. You only need to listen to the top of course, you can understand correctly from this game.